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The Project Play Legacy

Project Play was founded over a shared platter of chicken wings with the goal of giving the gift of gaming back to the community. After 6 years, over $40,000 dollars raised, helping out 20 different community centres and agencies; our final legacy is giving the gift of gaming back to all of London and area, with a partnership with the London Public Library.

"For London Public Library, this new lending collection is a perfect way to support London families. Games help build skills like comprehension and problem solving. Because they’re having fun, kids are motivated to concentrate, understand and strategize. Many games also require the use of numeracy skills and help expand vocabulary, especially for those learning English. Even social skills like waiting your turn and losing gracefully are being practiced.

Perhaps the greatest benefit to playing board games is that they are a fun way to connect across age, ability, language and culture. And now Londoners, regardless of circumstance, have access to this great resource through their Library thanks to the generous support of local organization Project Play."
- London Public Library

To find out what games are available at your local branch, search the London Public Library catalog for "Games to go", or browse the catalog here and filter by your local branch.

Thank you, #ldnont (London), for 6 amazing years!

The Origin Story: Founders Greg and Mathew really did just conceive the idea over a shared platter of chicken wings. “What if we held a gaming event, but made it actually do some good for the community?”

The Supporting Cast: A crew of awesome volunteers quickly assembled, as well as fantastic partners who would be with us for our many years - like Digital Extremes, Big Blue Bubble, Uber Cool Stuff, Fanshawe College, LEDC and the Game Chamber

The Super Powers: We quickly realized that by bringing together all of London’s gaming community, we could raise a ton of money to help out organizations like Merrymount Family Crisis Centre, Women’s Community House and London Children’s Hospital. Over the years, we donated bundles of TVs, video games and board games to places where children in tough circumstances might find themselves - so that these kids and their families could tap into “the power of play” to find a bit of normalcy and fun during a rough time.

The Amazing Run: Project Play held 6 annual gaming events, raised over $40,000 to donate back to the community, and helped out 20 different community centres and agencies in the London area. We were also nominated for - and won - a Pillar Community Award for Innovation. You can see it for yourself: go to the wall across from the central library to see all the Pillar award winners. We’re forever there! :)

The Epic Team-Up: In 2015, Project Play joined forces with Forest City ComicCon, who helped us put on even bigger, better events that brought in more people to support us. What a great partnership!

The last words: To every single one of you who shared their time, money, energy or their creations with us - thank you so much! You helped us make Project Play bigger, and made it last longer than we ever planned. And, you made it fun - thanks again!